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  • DinoSteve93

    Plese note that

    October 24, 2013 by DinoSteve93

    So, before you start writing new dinosaur pages, please make sure to note this:

    The page will come out nicer if you do a tale, as I did on every dinosaur page. You make it clicking on the table icon on the editing section: Add features and media. On the table's setup you can change row's number (usually 6-8) and column's number (usually only one), also, you'll play around with numbers, as well as pixel width, and place it in the page (usually at right of the first paragraph).

    If you'll respect this little tip, you'll surely make greater pages ;) !

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  • DinoSteve93

    Updates coming soon!

    October 20, 2013 by DinoSteve93

    Hello users! Updates are coming soon, as a staff team has oficially been created!

    It includes:

    Me (founder and admin)

    Deltadromeus (co-admin)

    Rex Fan 684 (co-admin)




    Admin, DinoSteve93

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