Unenlagia (pronounced YOU-nen-LAY-gee-uh) was a medium-sized dromaeosaur which inhabited late-Cretaceous


Another Unenlagia

Unenlagia comahuensis
Name meaning:                                             Half Bird
Area:                                                          Argentina
Period:                                              Late Cretaceous
Diet:                                               meat and corpses
Lenght:                                                        2m (6,6ft)
Height:                                                        1m (3,3ft)
Weight:                                                   22kg (50lbs)

Argentina. Its remains were once thought to be those of Megaraptor.  Unenlagia means "half bird" in the native language of its country of origin.

Unenlagia's closest relatives are the dromaeosaurs Rahonavis and Buitreraptor, both of which are half the size of Unenlagia. Only one known species of Unenlagia has been discovered, named Unenlagia comahuensis (pronounced COH-muh-HUGHN-sis).


Inaccurate Size Comparison


Unenlagia measured 6.6 feet long (2 meters) and 3 feet tall (one meter), and weighed approximatedly 50 lbs.  Some uncommon (and mostly innacurate) estimates suggest that Unenlagia grew up to 16 feet long.


Artist's Impression of Unenlagia

Flight and FeathersEdit

Unenlagia is known as the most bird-like of all the dromaeosaurs. Despite that fact that Unenlagia had flight feathers and extremely flexible shoulders, both characteristics of flying animals, it is unlikely that this theropod could take flight because of its size.  However, theories suggest that Unenlagia was able to glide, making it easy to hunt or evade predators.

Likely EvolutionEdit

Evolutionists believe that descendants of Unenlagia survived the K-T explosion evolved into birds. This means that another line of flying animals, in addition to the descendants of Archaeopteryx, could have evolved.

Other CharacteristicsEdit

Unenlagia, being a dromeaosaur, most likely hunted in packs.  If they shared the characteristics of their fellow raptors, Unenlagia would have been smart and agile, and would have had keen vision.