no.1 Torvosaurus was a large theropod that lived roughly 145-155 million years ago. It's remains have been found in



Torvosaurus tanneri
Name meaning:                                     Savage Lizard
Area:                                              USA and Portugal
Period:                                                  Late Jurassic
Diet:                                               meat and corpses
Lenght:                                              33-36ft (10-11m)
Height:                                           10-11,5ft (3-3,5m) 
Weight:                                                            2-3,5t

North America and Europe. It's possibly the largest megalosaur and one of the biggest predators from the late Jurassic.


no.1Torvosaurus was, apart from it's size, your basic megalosaur. It had short, but strong arms, tipped with 5 inch claws. It's large jaws were lined with dozens of long, knife-like teeth. Torvosaurus has one of the highest bite forces of all large theropods. It's bite has been estimated as high as 10,000 pounds per square inch.


no.1The first Torvosaurus specimens pointed to animals roughly 30 feet(9 meters) in length and would have weighed just over 2 tons when alive. However, some larger specimens suggest Torvosaurus could reach 33-36 feet(10-11 meters) long with a weight of 3-3.5 tons. There has been a jaw fragment found that suggests larger sizes, but the exact size of the animal this jaw belonged to is heavily debated. Estimates for the fragment put the skull at 5 feet long, comparable to that of some of the smaller specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex and Giganotosaurus. 
Torvo size

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Diet and HuntingEdit

no.1Torvosaurus was one of the top predators in it's environment. It's diet would have consisted of iguanodonts, stegosaurs, sauropods, and small ornithopods. Torvosaurus would also have scavenged from time to time. Torvosaurus was very robust, so it might not have been very fast. Torvosaurus likely had a top speed of 15-20 miles per hour. Because of this, Torvosaurus would probably have ambushed it's prey.

In Popular CultureEdit

no.1Torvosaurus is not very well known to the public. It was however featured in the recent dinosaur documentary Dinosaur Revolution. Here it was shown as an apex predator that competed with Allosaurus.
DR Torvo

Torvosaurus from Dinosaur Revolution

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