Tarbosaurus was the largest carnivore to ever stalk Asia. It's the second largest tyrannosaur yet discovered, right after Tyrannosaurus. Tarbosaurus lived roughly 75 million years ago.


Tarbosaurus was your basic large tyrannosaur. It had a giant head over 4 feet(1.2 meters) long and huge teeth nearly 6 inches long. Tarbosaurus had the smallest arms of any tyrannosaur compared to it's overall size. 


Tarbosaurus had a slight variation as far as it's adult size went. Some of the smaller specimens are about 33 feet(10 meters) long, and roughly 4 tons in weight. The larger ones however stretch over 40 feet(12 meters) long, 13 feet(4 meters) tall, and weigh over 6.5 tons.
Tarbo size

Speed and PowerEdit

Tarbosaurus would have been able to hit a relatively high speed for an animal as heavy as an elephant. Using it's powerful hind legs and long tail for balance, Tarbosaurus could probably hit about 25 miles per hour at full sprint. Along with it's speed, Tarbosaurus was very powerful. It had an extremely high bite force of nearly 4-5 tons per square inch.

Diet and CompetitionEdit

Tarbosaurus would eat anything it could get it's jaws on. It would hunt hadrosaurs, sauropods, ankylosaurs, and many other herbivores. Tarbosaurus would also be willing to scavenge from time to time. Although it was the largest predator in it's environment, Tarbosaurus was not without competitors. Smaller theropods like Velociraptor and Alectrosaurus were present, as well as the equally large Zhuchengtyrannus.

In Popular CultureEdit

Tarbosaurus has been featured in a number of documentaries and it even had it's own Korean movie; Speckles: The Tarbosaurus. Chased by Dinosaurs and Dinosaurs Alive both featured Tarbosaurus as an apex predator.

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