A classic neovenatorid

Neovenatoridae is a family of Carnosaurian theropods, closely related to Carcharodontosaurids. They lived during all the Cretaceous Period, in UK, Argentina, China, Japan and mostly Australia.

Neovenatorids were medium-sized to large bipedal theropods, with the allosaus classic features: large crested skulls, three-digitated hands, and wide femurs.


  • Chilantaisaurus sp.;
  • Neovenator salerii;
  • Megaraptora:
    • Australovenator wintonensis;
    • Rapator ornitholestoides;
    • Fukuiraptor kitadainiensis;
    • Orkoraptor burkei;
    • Aerosteon riocoloradensis;
    • Megaraptor namunhuaiquii.

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