Metriacanthosaurus parkeri, the type species

Metriacanthosauridae is an extinct family of allosauroids theropod dinosaurs. They lived from the mid. Jurassic until the early Cretaceous era, in Europe and mostly Asia, especially China.

They were medium-large sized predatory dinosaurs, with large skulls, and three-fingered hands.


  • Yangchuanosaurus:
    • Yangchuanosaurus zigongensis;
    • Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis;
    • Yangchuanosaurus magnus;
  • Metriacanthosaurinae:
    • Shidaisaurus jinae;
    • Metriacanthosaurus parkeri;
    • Sinraptor hepingensis;
    • Sinraptor dongi;
    • Siamotyrannus isanensis

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