Lythronax argestes is a new species of large, theropod dinosaur. It's full name means the gore king of the south.


Lythronax argestes

Lythronax argestes
Name meaning:                                                  Gore King of the South
Area:                                                                    USA (Southern Utah)
Period:                                                                        Late Cretaceous
Diet:                                                                         meat and corpses
Lenght:                                                                           26-30ft (8-9m)
Height:                                                                                   10ft (3m)

Weight:                                                                                            3t

Lythronax lived roughly 80 million years ago and was found in southern Utah.

Description Edit

Lythronax was your basic tyrannosaur. It had a powerful skull, sharp teeth, and short arms. Lythronax was most closely related to Tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus, although slightly more primative. 


The only known specimen of Lythronax measures just over 23 feet(7 meters) long and would have weighed over 2 tons. However, this individual was not fully grown. An adult would have reached over 26-30 feet(8-9 meters) long and probably stood over 10 feet(3 meters) tall. At this size, an adult Lythronax would weigh nearly 3 tons.
Lyth size

Size Comparison

Apex Predator Edit

Lythronax would have been the apex predator in it's environment. It was the largest carnivore in the area and would have had a large variety of prey to choose from. Hadrosaurs, ceratopsians, and ornithomimids would have all been on the menu. Being the top predator, Lythronax could also have scavenged when it wanted to without any trouble.

Bite ForceEdit

Lythronax had a very powerful skull. It was very similar to that of Tyrannosaurus rex. Like T-rex, Lythronax would have had a powerful bite. This dinosaur could probably bite down with nearly 3,000 pounds of force and it's teeth were designed to withstand that much pressure.

Lythronax skull

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