Compsognathids BW

Compsognathidae's members size comparison

Compsognathidae is the name of a clade of extinct theropod dinosaurs, very basal coelurosaurians that lived from the Late Jurassic until the Early Cretaceous period.

Their fossils have been found in North America, Europe and Asia.


Compsognathids were very small bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs, with pretty generic characteristics for small theropods, such as big eyes, three-fingered hands, S-shaped necks and long tails. Their covering is mostly unknown, althought some specimens have been found with impressions of feathers on the body, as well as scales.


  • Aristosuchus pusillus;
  • Compsognathus longiceps;
  • Huaxiagnatus orientalis;
  • Mirischia asymmetrica;
  • Scipionyx samniticus;
  • Sinocalliopteryx gigas;
  • Sinosauropteryx prima;

Uncertain placement:Edit

  • Juravenator starki;
  • Ornitholestes hermanni