Coelophysis-bauri head

Coelophysis head

Coelophysoids were bipedal theropods dinosaurs, members of a clade of basal, or very primitive dinosaurs, that appeared in the late Triassic and died out in the early Jurassic era. They were very widespreed in geographical terms, as they lived most likely in all continents.

Coelophysoids were small, carnivorous dinosaurs, with thin snouts and light-builded bodies, with a very long, flexible tail, and a long S-shaped neck.

We don't know how they were covered, but we can assume they had scaled-skin, as they were very primitive theropods. However, some paleoartists depict them with feathers all over the body.


  • Dolichosuchus cristatus;
  • Gojirasaurus quayi;
  • Liliensternus liliensterni;
  • Lophostropheus airelensis;
  • Sarcosaurus woodi;
    • Coelophysidae:
      • Podokesaurus holyokensis;
      • Procompsognathus triassicus;
      • Pterospondylus trioelbae;
      • Segisaurus halli;
        • Coelophysinae:
          • Camposaurus arizonensis;
          • Coelophysis bauri;
          • Megapnosaurus rhodesiensis;
    • Halticosauridae:
      • ​Halticosaurinae:
        • Alticosaurus longotarsus