Ceratosaurus nasicornis01

Ceratosaurus nasicornis, Ceratosauria's type species

Ceratosauria is a clade of basal theropods dinosaurs, including both Neoceratosauridae and Abelisauroidea families. It was previously considered that Coelophysoidea and Dilophosauridae were also part of this group, but more recent studies distinguished these as separate basal clades.

The type species of the Ceratosauria is Ceratosaurus nasicornis.

Ceratosauria, as a clade, persisted in time from the late Triassic through the late Cretaceous era, as Abelisaurids. Slowly, members of the clade Ceratosauria became the most successful predators in the Southern Hemisphere, again as Abelisaurids, while Tyrannosaurids were in the Northen Hemisphere.

Fossils of Ceratosaurias members have been found in all continents, except Antarctica. Most of Ceratosaurias fossils, however, have been found in Africa.


Ceratosauria's members are ordinary theropods, with bipedal walk, massive skulls, and bulky trunks. However, the forelimbs show many characteristics common to basal theropods, as 4-5 fingers in the hands, and very short arms (especially when it comes to Abelosauroids).

Ceratosaurids were all carnivorous, except for one genus, Limusaurus, that is considered being a small herbivore.


Below is listed a classification's scheme of Ceratosauria, don't listing, however, Abelisauroidea's sub-clade members.

  • Berberosaurus liassicus; 
  • Spinostropheus gautieri;
  • Limusaurus inextricabilis;
  • Elaphrosaurus bambergi;

Uncertain PlacementEdit

  • Deltadromeus agilis