Bradycneme (pronounced Bray-dee-kuh-nee-me) was a possible Troodont found near a modern day Romanian village


Bradycneme, drawn by our own founder, Dinosteve

Bradycneme draculae
Name meaning:                                         Heavy leg
Area:                                                          Romania
Period:                                            Late Cretaceous
Diet:                                                      Carnivorous
Lenght:                                   possibly 6-7ft (2-2,3m)
Weight:                                    possibly 40lbs (20kg) 

called Hateg. It lived around 70 million years ago during the late Cretaceous.

Bradycneme has only one species, Bradycneme draculae, named after the king of bloodsucking vampires himself.


Bradycneme from Planet Dinosaur


Bradycneme was found from such fragmentary remains that it's size is very uncertain. Estimates range from a meter to 13 feet. Bradycneme probably was around the middle of the two estimates, so a reasonable estimate would be around 6-7 feet long and, scaling off of troodon, would weight around 40 lbs. If the larger estimates are true, it would be one of the largest Troodonts.

Fossil FindsEdit

Bradycneme was found only from a lower leg and part of its distinct ankle. This is all scientists have to go on until we find more of Bradycneme.

Species ChangeEdit

When Bradycneme was first found, it was thought to be a two meter tall owl. However, later analysis proved that Bradycneme was not an owl, and was in fact a Troodont. Of course, with such a fragmentary find, it is hard to say the exact species, and some think that it is an Alvareszauridae. Even more people argue that Bradycneme is the same as Elopteryx. Even with all this species confusion, it is most likely that Bradycneme is a Troodont.

Bradycneme in the MediaEdit

Despite its little fossil record, it still made an appearance on Planet Dinosaur. Also, it was in the video game Fossil Fighters and returned in its sequel.