Allosaurus was a large theropod from the late Jurassic(about 145-155 million years ago). Allosaurus has been



Allosaurus sp.
Name meaning:                                      Other Lizard
Area:                         North America, Africa, Australia
Period:                                                 Late Jurassic
Diet:                                              meat and corpses
Lenght:                                                        30ft (9m)
Height:                                                          3m (10ft)
Weight:                                                              1-2t

found in North America, Europe, and Africa. This makes it a very wide ranging dinosaur. It's also the most commonly found large theropod from the Jurassic.

Description Edit

Allosaurus was your basic theropod. It had a large head and a number of sharp teeth. It's arms were long and each finger was tipped with a 6-7 inch claw. Allosaurus had long, powerful back legs. Scientists estimate allosaurus could have hit over 20 miles per hour. Like it's cousins, Allosaurus also had crests on it's head, one above each eye.


Allosaurus varied some in overall size. The smallest specimens are roughly 26 feet(8 meters) long, stand just under 9 feet(3 meters) tall, and weigh an estimated 1-2 tons. The largest however, stretch nearly 36 feet(11 meters) long, stand over 13 feet(4 meters) tall, and weigh over 3-3.5 tons. Allosaurus tends to average about 30-33 feet(9-10 meters) long and about 2-3 tons.
Allo Size

Allosaurus size comparison

Bite ForceEdit

Allosaurus had a somewhat weak "standard" bite force. It's estimated to have bitten down with roughly 1,000-1,500 pounds per square inch. However, Allosaurus was able to open it's jaws very widely. It would then swing it's upper jaw down in a slashing action. This would have produced over 4,000 pounds of force per square inch. 

Hunting and DietEdit

Allosaurus would have been one of the top predators of it's time and area. Other carnivores were present, but none were as common as Allosaurus. It probably hunted in small packs to bring down large prey like sauropods. Stegosaurs and iguanodonts would also have been on the menu though. 
Allosaurus pack

Allosaurus pack hunting

In Popular CultureEdit

Allosaurus was one of the first large theropods ever found. Because of this, it's been in the media for a long time. A number of movies have featured Allosaurus, along with many documentaries. Walking With Dinosaurs, Jurassic Fight Club, and 'Planet Dinosaur are just a few of the documentaries that show Allosaurus. Many books have also featured it. Several dinosaur related video games have Allosaurus in them too.

Allosaurus as seen in Jurassic Fight Club

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