Acrocanthosaurus(high spined lizard) was a large theropod from North America. It was the second biggest theropod from the continent, after Tyrannosaurus and ahead of Siats. Acrocanthosaurus lived about 110-130 million years ago and was the top predator.


Acrocanthosaurus had a large skull over 4 feet(1.2 meters) long. It was filled with long, curved teeth that caused massive amounts of damage to its prey. Acrocanthosaurus also had long, muscular arms that ended in large claws. The ridge on its back is very muscular and is a strange feature since carcharodontosaurs did not typically have sails. It may prove that Acrocanthosaurus was a primitive spinosaur, but this theory is not a common one.


Acrocanthosaurus reached a massive adult size. When fully grown, Acrocanthosaurus measured over 36-40 feet(11-12 meters) in length, stood over 13 feet(4 meters) tall, and would have weighed 3-5 tons. Although smaller than Tyrannosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus was still among the biggest theropods ever to walk North America.
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Acrocanthosaurus had very strong back legs. It's likely that it was able to reach a high top speed for its size. An adult Acrocanthosaurus may have been able to run as fast as 20 miles per hour.

Diet and CompetitionEdit

Acrocanthosaurus would have hunted a variety of large dinosaurs. Ornithopods like Tenontosaurus would have been its most common prey. However, these carnivores were capable of bringing down large sauropods as well. Acrocanthosaurus may have been the apex predator, but it still had competition. The raptor Deinonychus was it's most common rival. It's possible that the largest raptor Utahraptor lived alongside Acrocanthosaurus, but there's no direct fossil evidence of this.
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In Popular CultureEdit

Acrocanthosaurus has been featured in a number of dinosaur documentaries like Prehistoric: Dallas, Prehistoric: Washington DC, and others. It's also a dinosaur commonly featured in video games like Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and Jurassic Park Builder.

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