Achillobator (pronounced A-kill-o-bah-tor) is a dromaeosaurid theropod, being the second biggest Dromeaosaur.


Artist's Depiction of Achillobator

Achillobator gigantus

Name meaning:                                     Achiile's Hero

Area:                                                           Mongolia

Period:                                              Late Cretaceous
Diet:                                               meat and corpses
Lenght:                                                        6m (20ft)
Height:                                                        1,8m (6ft)
Weight:                                             450kg (1000lbs)

However, it is little known because of Utahraptor, that takes all the spotlight (being very little to go around anyways). It was found in Mongolia and lived with Velociraptor in the Late Cretaceous.

It was once thought as several different dinosaurs instead of one Dromeaosaur, but it is commonly known as a single dinosaur. Achillobator has one species called Achillobator gigantas (pronounced Gig-an-tus) which means giant.


Achillobator was around 20 feet (6 meters) long, 6 feet (1,8 meters) tall at the top of its head, and weighed 1000 lbs (450 kilograms).


Two Heavily Feathered Achillobators


Achillobator had probably, and is commonly depicted with, feathers. It lived in the desert of Mongolia, but its close cousin Velociraptor had feathers, and it is thought that Achillobator did too.


Found Achillobator Skeleton

Unusual FeaturesEdit

Besides Achillobator's size, there are a few features that make it different from other Dromeaosaurids. 1: Achillobator has an unusually developed and strong Achillies tendon, which means that he can bring his 8 inch toe claw down harder and faster. 2 and most unusual: Achillobator has a very strange pelvis for a Dromeaosaur. It has a quite large pubic boot, were as other Dromeaosaurs have a small or no pelvic boot at all.


Unlike other Dromeaosaurids, Achillobator has a Tibia shorter than its femur, which commonly means a slower runner. Its height:length ratio is also smaller, which normally means legs more suited for endurance and strength rather than speed. That being said, Achillobator is still a light Dromeaosaur and could probably run about 25 mph.

Prey and HuntingEdit

Achillobator probably hunted in packs to help it bring down large prey, as large prey was pretty common in Cretaceous Mongolia. Achillobator also wasn't as fast as most of what it ate, so being in a large pack and encircling prey would greatly increase the chance of a successful kill.